when an Iranian wants to write anEnglish letter

This letter was written by an employee of the NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company) back in the 1960's to his American boss Mr.Hamilton.

Dear Mr.Hamilton

I,the undersigned, have worked in the NIOC in Masjed-Soleyman for three years, But since Mr.Ahmadi transferred here everything has changed.

I don't know "what a wet wood I havesold him" that from the very fisrt day he has been "pulling the belt to my life","with all kinds of cat dancing" he has tried to become the "eye and the light"of Mr.Wison.He made so much "mouse running" that finally Mr.Wilson "became donkey",and appointed Mr.Ahmadi as his right hand man,and told me to work "under his hand"

Mr.Wilson promised me that next year he would make me his right hand man,but "my eye didn't drink water", and I knew that all these were "hat play", and he was trying to put a "hat on my head"I "put the seal of silence to my lips" and did not say anything. Since that he was just "putting watermelon under my arms" knowing that this tranfer was only "good for his aunt", I started begging him to forget that I ever came to see him and forget my visit alltogher. I said "you saw camel, you didn't see camel"... but he was not "getting of the devils donkey"..."what headache shall I give you" I am now forced to work in the mail house with bunch of "blind, bald, heigh and half heigh" people ."imagine how much "my ass burns"

Now Mr.Hamilton, "I turn around your head" you are my only hope and my "back and shelter"..."I swear you to the 14 innocent" please "do some work for me"...in the resurrection day I'll "grasp your skirt"..."I have six head bread eaters"... "I kiss your hand and legs".

your servant 


/ 10 نظر / 12 بازدید

Bah Bah che matlabe bahali, ki boode in matlabo dade , cheghad banamak boode khodaaii, inshala too weblog bishtar az in farde banamak estefade beshe !!!!!!!


agha erfan az shoma baeede baradar plz 1 doone az in matalebo hazf kon 2bar omade


bacehha dars bekhoonina man omide shomahaaaam makhsoosan dini adabiyat ta bad bybye


before anything thax Mr Moji,I haven`t studied anything.I don`t know about u & I cant no more cos unfortunately my uncle passed away yesterday. I miss u all so much,the only thing that can make me better is that I know I`ll see u soon.


Im sorry bahareh that Idid not offer your condolences because Iwas very busy today pleas excuse mee ee در ضمن از استاد مو جی به خاطر تهيه اين مطلب جالب متشکرم..................


dobare bande inja lazem midoonam ke maratebe hamdardiye khod ra be shoma elam benamayam enshalla ghame akharetoon bashe bahare khanoom


بچه ها اگه خيلی اصرار کنين من يک شنبه ميام دا نشگاه !!!!!!!!!!!!!

lily of the valley

WOW !!


salam man rohamatoon mishanasid va hala bashtartar mishnasid va az mohsen beporsid man kiyam chi kar mikonam


دیدید چطور تعطیلات تموم شد.. برای من که مثل همه تعطیلات عمرم زود گذشت و من موندم و سیل برنامه های انجام نشده و آرزوهای بر باد رفته.. نمیدونم تا چه حد حق دارم تو وبلاگی که قرار بود وبلاگ بچه های زبان ورودی 82 باشه مطلب خصوصی بنویسم. ولی خوب فعلا چیز دیگه ای به ذهنم نمیرسه... تازگی ها یکی بهم گفت عرفان خیلی جوگیری اولش یه خورده همچین بگی نگی بهم بر خورد ولی بعد که یکم فکر کردم دیدم نه بنده خدا زیادهم بی راه نگفته هر چی باشه تا نباشد چیزکی مردم نگویند چیزها... یه نمونش همین مطلب قبلی وبلاگه که هنوز هیچی نشده فهمیدم در هنگام جوگیر شدن نوشتم آخه علاقه آتشینی که به خاطر طرز نمره دادن یه استاد سختگیر تبدیل به نفرت بشه .....بگذریم. یکی دیگه از موارد جو گیر شدن هنگامیه که وارد یه مغازه میشم...اولین چیزی که نظرم رو جلب میکنه سریع میخرمش غافل از اینکه هنوز بقیه پولم رو تو کیف پولم نذاشتم پشیمون شدم و دنبال یه مشتری براش میگردم که خریدم رو نصف قیمت بهش بدم بره..... حالا جو گیر شدن در هنگام تموم شدن امتحان و پیشبینی نمره و در اول هر ترم با گفتن جمله معروف "این ترم دیگه کولاک میکنم" به کنار...